Ann Adams- Director, EFT Masters Programme

Sue and Emma at The EFT Centre in London, along with Jondi Whitis in the US, are honoured to have been gifted the EFT Master Training programme by Ann Adams on her retirement.

As director of the EFT Masters Programme Ann had the honour of helping certify the most experienced and talented EFT practitioners in the world. Ann is retired as licensed clinical social worker and EFT trainer.

When Gary Craig decided to establish an EFT Master Programme he asked Ann to assist in developing and running the program. After certifying 29 Masters she felt they deserved the opportunity to showcase their skills to other practitioners. She co-ordinated the five EFT Master Showcases in Denver, Dallas, Boston, Sydney Australia and Los Angeles. The EFT Master Videos were professionally filmed and edited from those showcases. Each video is a treasure trove of useful information and ideas.

Ann’s contribution to EFT, and in particular to EFT International, goes largely unrecognised today. However, she was instrumental in placing EFT on the therapeutic map by developing the professional standards and guidelines still adhered to today. We all owe her a massive debt of gratitude for her passion and guidance. She may well be the most important figure in the development of EFT thus far.

Ann Adams, Diirector EFT Masters Programme
We highly recommend all EFT practitioners read Ann’s recently published book, EFT is Simple, People are Complex.

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EFT Book

A Timeless Library - Now Downloadable

Watch EFT Masters give unique and often creative presentations on various topics and uses of EFT. Each video also has an opportunity for you to tap along with their demonstration.

Gain Personal Benefits from each Video

  • Great way to keep up on clearing old habits

  • Clear limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling better

  • Assists you in reaching your life's goals

A proven way to sharpen skills

  • Get new perspectives and experience

  • Helps you in your service to others

Learn from highly experienced and successful EFT Masters

Immediately useful information, helpful tips, and dynamic demonstrations from the EFT Masters. The EFT Masters share their knowledge and experience. You can watch demonstrations as they model their use of EFT with a variety of issues:

  • Tips, teaching, and demonstrations from the EFT Masters

  • Increase your EFT knowledge by learning from some of the best of the best

  • Worried you don't have the "right words" to use with EFT? Model these experts

  • Experience the unique and often very creative style of each EFT Master

  • Demonstrates many ways to use EFT and other meridian tapping techniques

  • A valuable addition to your resource library

Professionally filmed at the EFT MASTER SHOWCASES and skillfully edited.

EFT Master Videos (£99)

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    EFT Master Training Videos

    • BONUS Addiction Panel from LA

    • Inci Erkin-Working with Cancer

    • Andy Bryce- Finding Gratitude and Panel

    • Karl Dawson- Matrix Reimprinting

    • Emma Roberts- EFT with Serious Diseases

    • Mary Stafford- EFT and Children

    • Sue Beer- Tapping and Time Travel

    • Paul Lynch- Color of Pain

    • Gwyneth Moss- EFT for Weight Issues

    • Peter Graham- Power of EFT

    • Rehana Webster- Getting Unstuck – Resolving Internal Conflict

    • Carol Look- Perfectionism

    • Nancy Gnecco- EFT Foundations

    • Tania Prince- Deep State Repatterning

    • Maya de Vries- 9 Steps to Reframing

    • Rehana Webster- NLP and EFT Movie Technique

    • Ann Adams- In Pursuit of Excellence

    • Jaqui Crooks- Self Sabotage

    • Barbara Smith- Gently Treating Trauma with EFT

    • Judy Byrne- Accepting Myself

    • Jan Luther- Not Supposed to be This Way

    • Emma Roberts- EFT and Cancer

    • Ann Ross- Gaining Your Identity

    • Pat Carrington- Using EFT Choices

    • Guidance from EFT Masters

    • Rue Hass- Borrowing Benefits and Panel

    • Loretta Sparks- EFT and Stress

    • Lindsay Kenny- Bundling Baggage

    • Rue Hass and Ann Ross- Marketing

    • David Rourke - The Stages of Addiction


It is also possible to purchase the dvds individually at £10 per DVD. 

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