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Set A – 12 EFT Master Videos

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    EFT Master Training Videos [SET A]

    • David Rourke- The Stages of Addiction

    • Jaqui Crooks- Self Sabotage

    • Paul Lynch- The Color of Pain

    • Loretta Sparks- Resolving Stress

    • Lindsay Kenny- Bundling Baggage

    • Ann Ross- Gaining Your Identity

    • Jan Luther- The Heartache of Grief

    • Rue Hass- Too Much Responsibility Weighing You Down

    • Andy Bryce- Finding Gratitude

    • Dr. Inci Erkin- A Medical View: Cancer and EFT

    • Mary Stafford- EFT and Children

    • Dr. Carol Look- Perfectionism isn't Perfect

    • Sue Beer- Tapping and Time Travel

    • Tania Prince- Deep State Repatterning

    • Rehana Webster- NLP and EFT Movie Technique

Set A – 12 EFT Master Videos