Sue and Emma at The EFT Centre in London, along with Jondi Whitis in the US, are honoured to have been gifted the Healing the Cycle of Addictions programme by Ann Adams on her retirement.

As director of the Healing the Cycle of Addictions programme, Ann had the honour of helping certify the most experienced and talented EFT practitioners in the world. Ann is retired as licensed clinical social worker and EFT trainer.

Ann’s contribution to EFT, and in particular to EFT International, goes largely unrecognised today. However, she was instrumental in placing EFT on the therapeutic map by developing the professional standards and guidelines still adhered to today. We all owe her a massive debt of gratitude for her passion and guidance. She may well be the most important figure in the development of EFT thus far.

Ann Adams, Director EFT Programmes
We highly recommend all EFT practitioners read Ann’s recently published book, EFT is Simple, People are Complex.

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Healing the Cycle of Addictions

Watch Experts

Watch skillful Presentations and Demonstrations by 4 addictions experts with a combined 80 years experience. An addiction can be to any substance or behavior you feel compelled to eat, drink, take, have or do. If you have - or work with people who have - cravings or other addictive behaviors this new programme can jump start your understanding of why it happens and what to do about it.

Gain Personal and Professional Benefit

Addiction is a challenge that affects the lives of many people – either yours or someone you love. Addiction is not a character flaw. The addiction started because it appeared to be comforting. The addiction was an attempt to solve a problem. The addiction then became the problem. This programme can give you a tool to resolve these problems. These quality videos offer unique and effective methods to assist in treating and resolving complex issues surrounding addiction. Traditional methods can be helpful but when combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques*) – your opportunity for relief is greatly increased.

Who will benefit from this programme?

  • Coaches who sometimes deal with people with addictive issues

  • Therapists who would like to see how meridian techniques like EFT work with any type of addiction issue

  • People who have friends and family with addictive problems and want to understand

  • People with addictive issues who are ready to learn more and begin the process of change

Increase your Success Rate and have more Satisfied Clients

Working with Addictive behavior can be challenging. There is a high drop out rate and lower follow through rates when working with people with a wide variety of addictive behaviors. Learn to use EFT more efficiently and increase client satisfaction. 

Personal Benefit

  • Use borrowing benefits with the sessions on this programme for your own issues from the fascinating demonstrations. Watch participants resolve multiple issues – some just like yours or a client you are working with.

Research Proved the Effectiveness

  • Participants at the workshop completing forms for a research project reported from 38 to 66% lasting benefit on various issues from the experience of attending the workshop - these results held after three months – an amazing statistically significant result!!

  • This study has been submitted for publication in a professional journal.

  • Now you can build on these gains for your issues with this programme.


  • Wealth of Experience

    Carol, David, Sue and Loretta’s combined experience of 80 years in the addictions field is now available to you!

  • Replay Anytime

    You have the added benefit of being able to replay the parts most significant to you

  • Stunning Results

    Some attendees chose to partake in a research project and there was an average of 38% reduction in all presented symptoms!

What's Inside this valuable set

  • A helpful framework to identify addictive problems

  • Six Stage Model of Addiction

  • How to use a Pro and Con list

  • A proposed model of Five Stages of Transformation

  • The impact of Childhood Events

  • Skillful and useful questions to uncover core issues

  • The impact and effect of Chronic Stress

  • What it means to be a Compulsive Helper

  • The importance of Self Care and some terrific suggestions

  • Identify the drivers behind addictions

What the Attendees Said

Loretta’s explanation of ‘compulsive helping’ helped with insights into my relationship with my husband. Her creative presentation helped me gain wonderful insights that created cognitive shifts for me. Carol Look’s demo on cravings helped me experience deep personal healing regarding my own grief and loss.

The combined depth of experience, knowledge and insights available and the diversity of approach and application of EFT from the solid foundation of experience. So insightful and expansive to my journey of recovery. Lots of tapping and humor.

Loretta’s ‘Compulsive Helping’ presentation was full of essential information for all practitioners of EFT

I absolutely loved the skillful questions that David used.

Experience your Own Benefits with this Powerful Training Set

The Addictions workshop gives useful information, helpful reframes and exercises. You’d expect to increase your knowledge of addictions at an addictions workshop, right? But the personal benefit of experiencing significant impact on your own personal issues is truly amazing. Watch this rich seminar full of information and borrowed benefits. If you choose to participate in the exercises it will be like you were there.

Healing the Cycle of Addiction

( £79.00)

  • 1


    • Sue Beer- Five Stages of Transformation

    • David Rourke- Six Stages of Addiction

    • Loretta Sparks- Overview of Addiction

    • Carol Look- Chemical Dependence

    • Loretta Sparks- Addiction and Stress

    • Sue Beer- Heart Connection

    • Carol Look- Reducing Cravings

    • Loretta Sparks- Compulsive Helping; Sue Beer- Cannot Get There on Time

    • Sue Beer- Heart Connection; David Rourke- Pros Cons of Change

Professionally Filmed - Skillfully Edited

This programme is unique in the EFT field. Each minute is filled with meaningful information and skillful management of multiple, complex issues by experts. Increase your knowledge of Addictions and managing addictive behavior. Healing the Cycle of Addiction programme is a very useful addition to your EFT learning library.
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