EFT in Action with EFT Founding Masters Sue Beer & Emma Roberts

Welcome to our EFT in Action Online Programme

EFT in Action is a transformational online learning platform where you can learn EFT and watch real life sessions in action. Whether you are new to EFT, or an experienced practitioner, this is a powerful tool to take your work with yourself and clients to the next level. Sue and Emma demonstrate the foundational EFT techniques, alongside more advanced ways of working and fundamental practitioner skills. They also introduce their work with the Heart Anchor.
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EFT in Action with EFT Founding Masters Sue Beer & Emma Roberts

What is in EFT In Action?

A complete teaching set consisting of 5 introductory teaching videos and 8 Modules showing full length client sessions with explanations of the approaches used and feedback. Each Module shows a one to one session with Sue or Emma, working with clients on a variety of issues from physical pain to chronic depression. Observe these masterful practitioners use of key questions to get to core issues, combining elegance, humour and rapport to really demonstrate the therapeutic power of Integrated Energy Techniques in action.

    Key Features

  • Training Support – learn when and how to skillfully use Tearless Trauma, Movie and Telling the Story Techniques.

  • Learn to use key questions to get to core issues.

  • Borrowing Benefits – work on your self the easy way by tapping along with real clients in live sessions.

EFT In Action

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